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Parties that cook! No experience necessary! We will enjoy A Culinary Experience with Chef AbueLinda. Here's a sample:

​"Salsa de Cacahuate (Chiapas)"

Exquisite peanut sauce, originally from the highlands of Chiapas. This sauce is versatile with chicken, pork and veggies and we’ll serve with a beautiful bed of Mexican rice!

"Mexican Botanas"

Tapas made simple-learn the many uses of tortillas in tacos, flautas, sopes with a variety of fillings from shredded beef to spicy fish for bite-sized tapas that are crowd pleasers. 


"Moles of Mexico"

Quintessential Mexican tradition; its 26 ingredients and the differences between red, black, and green mole.  We will taste and compare the different versions of Mole.

Plan Your Escape!
Come see for yourself why so many Americans and Canadians are flocking to Ajijic
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