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You probably Haven't Heard of it, but Ajijic should be on your radar. Come See Why!
I think Travel and leisure says it best but here is our Back Story and the inspiration behind Ajijic Tours.  To put it simply, I feel in LOVE with Ajijic! (pronounced Aah-hee-HEEK) Cupid's Arrow struck me the first time I visited. Why?
  • Was it the weather- a perfect average temperature of 75 year around? YES!
  • Was it the friendly village life where everyone says hello when you past them on the street? YES!
  • Was it the amazing food scene? YES!
  • Was it the incredible value of everyday life! YES!!!! 
  • Was it the charm of the small village?  YES!
  • Was it the relaxing vibe of village life? YES
  • Was it the scenic views of Lake Chapala? YES! 
  • Was it the easy access to an International Airport? YES
We Hope to share our Love for Ajijic with you!
Come see for yourself why Ajijic IS "The Mexican town you never knew you wanted to visit"

"The Mexican Town You Never Knew You Wanted to Visit"


Constitución 35, 45920 Ajijic, Jal., Mexico

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